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Questions and Answers


To avoid misunderstandings please read through these guidelines carefully before bocking a massage with me!

Will my privacy be respected?

It is my wish, that you will be able to relax completely during your stay at my massage studio. I plan all my sessions with plenty of time, so there is no chance you will meet other clients.
Phone numbers and e-mails which are used for contacting me, will be handled in a fully professional and confidential way. For further details please go to Contact.

Hygiene, Cleanliness?

The ambience of my massage studio is inviting and kept to high standards, and my personal appearance is of importance to me. I am attractive and it's needless to say that I will always receive you well-groomed and freshly showered. The appearance of my studio is equally important to me. Showers, towels, linen, kimonos, slippers and everything else you will be in contact with, is always washed and regularly disinfected, as usual in a well kept Wellness and Spa.
I expect my clients to be just as respectful. I appreciate well-groomed ladies and gentlemen. Before and after every massage you will be able to take a shower; whatever you might need for personal hygiene will be provided.


How long is the actual massage time?

The time you booked refers to the actual massage time. In addition we will be able to discuss your personal needs, experiences and desires before, and if you wish after the massage, without any rush.
Knowing that you might have other appointments on the same day, I would anyway like to recommend that you offer yourself to have some time to relax after the massage. So I suggest that you calculate one extra hour to the booked time for your stay at my studio. Believe me it will be well worth it, enabling you to feel relaxed and like newly born even a long time after the actual massage.


Will the client and the masseuse be naked during the massage?

I wish to enable a natural and passionate way of encounter with one's own body and sensuality. Being naked is the most natural state of our being...
The more you are at ease with your own body, regardless of it's 'shape', the better you can enjoy sensual touch and sexuality. Because I see the beauty within everyone, I will honour and embrace you for who you are, no matter if you are tall, small, stout, thin, young or old… I see a beauty in which you yourself may not believe any more, which you however possibly will be able to discover again through a sensual bodywork session, because it will bring out your inherent glow.
To begin the massage we will both wear a kimono. After a short welcoming ritual I will undress you sensually. I wish to be in contact with you on an equal level without a protective cover, so I will be naked too, offering you some body contact throughout the massage. This will however always take place in a setting in which you remain in a receiving and passive space. To avoid misunderstandings I kindly ask you to read the following remark carefully before you book a massage with me.


Can I touch you during the massage?

(Please read the answer to the precedent question before going on to this point)
Trust me and let me guide you. From many years of experience in sensual bodywork I know that you will be surprised how wonderfully intense sensual touch can be, if for once you remain 'passive', not having to do anything – apart from enjoying actively, being pampered from head to toe… There will be nothing to achieve, nothing to prove, and nothing to give back, you will be able to focus completely on all the sensations you can explore during the massage. Those sensations can be unusually intense... have a try and make your very own experience!
So if you wish to relax completely on a journey to your own being, if you wish to be indulged by someone who is able to recognize your desires, if you wish to let yourself be guided and be taken care of, if you wish to go beyond your own limits, then you will be in the right hands with me.

I am very sensitive, easy going and open minded and I whole-heartedly wish to let you enjoy! Taking care of my own well-being and boundaries is however as essential to me as taking care of you. A lack of respect will not be tolerated under any circumstances. You will only be able to enjoy a session with me and have an unforgettable time, if a an attitude of mutual respect is guaranteed.
If you don't agree with my philosophy or if you desire for 'more' then I am prepared to share, then please don't waist either your or my time and look for a suitable offer with another provider!

Can we have intercourse?

My massages are a sensual – erotic experience, which you will be able to enjoy to the full. They are however in no way an open or hidden invitation for sexual interaction, intercourse or oral sex !


How to book an appointment?

For information please go to Contact