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I wish to seed a grain in you which will slowly grow, enabling you to enjoy life deeply in all respects. At the beginning with my support... later on independently.


TAO is the Chinese word for 'the way', figuratively 'the way of life'. I wish, to enrich your 'way of life', by letting you experience something extraordinary.

'Primitive cultures' acknowledge sexuality in everyday life as an expression of their vitality. In our 'civilized culture' however, our longing for an integral way of experiencing sexuality is often suppressed.

Sexual energy is a fundamental energy of our bodies. It is a source for both our physical strength as well as for our spiritual growth. Taoistic Bodywork lays a path enabling our sexual energy to flow  freely. It awakens our awareness allowing us to appreciate the magic of the moment, it lets us experience inner well-being, fulfilled sexuality and love for life. Not only during a massage session but long after in our everyday lives.

In my Bodywork sessions you will be able to experience what sensuality can feel like, when there is nothing to achieve, nothing to prove, no need to perform. For once you are allowed to enjoy arousal and sexual pleasure without having to give anything in return.

Passive surrender is about feeling and pure enjoyment; every cell of your body starts vibrating in sensual vitality.

Bodywork sessions can be nourishing, meditative, healing and energising at the same time. In a  relaxing atmosphere you will be able to savour sensual touch, feeling completely protected. Carefully I will guide you to your inner source of  strength.You will be able to forget your everyday troubles and you can allow yourself to renew your body and soul.

In a welcome talk we will try to find out what your personal wishes are to define the appropriate massage. Or maybe you have already made your own experiences and know what you need or what you would like to discover.

Respecting my own boundaries as well as yours is however essential to me. Show me the respect you desire to receive and let me take care of you. Trusting my skills and my wish to pamper your body and soul, you will be able to enjoy the magic within yourself. My well founded experience and passion for sensual bodywork will ensure your massage will be unforgettable.


I am very much looking forward to you!


I will however not offer you any kind of sexual encounter that does not match with my views of a sensual Bodywork. Such as mutual touch, oral sex or intercourse. Please don't waist either your or my time if you are not really interested in experiencing a sensual massage that will open new doors to yourself!